Equipment Reliability

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Extending equipment lifetime and reliable performance

Maintaining your facility in the optimal operative condition is highly dependant on the efficiency of your maintenance management system.

At ASEC, we ensure proper management of your assets and enhance equipment reliability through adopting Reliability-centered Maintenance "RCM"

Shifting to Reliability-Centred Maintenance (RCM)

Based on our experience, traditional maintenance involves several vulnerabilities:

-   Disruption of daily plan by previous night events

-   Planned maintenance is frequently dropped & re-built.
-   Significant waste of time due to switching resources from one

    job to another.

Reliability-centred maintenance is one of the most advanced and highly efficient maintenance strategies, first introduced in the aviation industry back in 1978.


The RCM integrates all the advantages of traditional maintenance strategies through selecting the most appropriate and tailor a maintenance strategy per equipment based on its criticality score and reliability parameters.

Unlike traditional maintenance, RCM involves a shift from a maintenance culture to a reliability culture. ASEC team introduces, plans and integrate RCM into your plant maintenance plans and coaches your resident team throughout the shift to
planning maintenance as per a criticality matrix specific to every equipment.

A paradigm shift that grants the below gains:

1 -  Reduce RAV "Replacement Asset Value" to craft-wage headcount ratio.
2 -  Reduce maintenance unit cost /activities
3 -  Reduce stocked MRO inventory value
4 -  Increase Mean Time Between Failure
5 -  Decrease Mean Time to Repair
6 -  Monitor machine health performance and failure rates through advanced

      monitoring system "OMAS" and predict faults.


Plant Lifetime

Specialised maintenance

More than 40 customers across 9 countries have benefited from ASEC's unrivalled specialised maintenance services for major equipment in  cement, fertilisers, sugar and gypsum industries spanning:

-   Kiln hot alignment.
-   Tyres, rollers and thrust face grinding.
-   Inspection and measurement.
-   Kiln shell and temperature profiles.

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Vibration analysis

Vibration monitoring and analysis are major predictive maintenance tools which reduce maintenance costs and help avoiding unplanned outages.

Vibration monitoring helps maintenance and operation personnel identify and repair machinery problems before failure occurs, thus increasing reliability of equipment and extending operation life-time.


ASEC provides the service of vibration monitoring and analysis using dual channel machinery analysers and condition monitoring software, as well as dynamic balancing (multi plane, multi speed) for rotating  equipment.

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Infra-red thermography

ASEC provides the service of equipment inspection using infra-red thermography, which is a modern way for predicting faults in electrical and  mechanical equipment.