​the Industrial Transformation in its Homeland

In the 70s and 80s of the past century, Egypt was on the threshold of a construction boom, and with the widening gap between domestic consumption and production, the developing country was compelled for cement importation. ASEC played a pivotal role in the transformation of the cement industry; bringing in the latest manufacturing technologies, consulting for their implementation and developing domestic skills to gear up for the change.

ASEC's timeline and historical growth mark critical milestones across the evolution of domestic cement production. The company has pioneered several changes to cater for industrial needs by public and private companies. ASEC prides itself by contributing and enabling a paradigm shift in its homeland.

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ASEC's story goes back to the year 1975, when an Egyptian engineer, Omar Gumeie, questioned the status quo of the cement industry in Egypt. He spearheaded the vision of transforming the industry from the traditional  technology used back then to usher a new era of technological development; and thus ASEC was born.


A joint venture between the world renowned Holderbank (Holcim) and the Egyptian cement companies paved the way to revolutionize the local cement industry by introducing the advanced state-of-the-art know-how and technology, training Egyptian specialists and improving their technical skills to match their counterparts the world over.


Throughout the years, ASEC has maintained the same aspirations through embracing every possibility that aims at an improved operational excellence. Expanding its support from engineering all the way up to full technical management and extending its footprint across 22 countries, ASEC has earned its leading position in the Middle East and Africa region.


The glory of today is stemmed from a heritage that we cherish, a vision that inspires us and an unremitting pursuit of operational efficiency and business sustainability. Approaching its 5-decade, ASEC stands as the provider of the widest range of services to cement and building materials  facilities. Our success continues to be propelled by our ability to foster continuous learning across the organisation to ensure readiness of the team to the renewed technical and operational challenges.


Our Company Evolution

Marks Milestones in Growth of Domestic Cement Production


our Human Capital

Fostering a culture of continuous learning

Our people are not only the company's
most valuable asset, they also represent
the key edge over our competitors.

Our philosophy is to instil a culture of
continuous learning whereby our
technicians and engineers engage into
an ongoing process of building expertise
and sharing knowledge across their teams.


Serving all cement manufacturing


In addition to the depth of its expertise,
ASEC has a pool of experts and professionals broadly covering wide specialisations comprising operation and process, mechanical and electrical, laboratory and quality, utilities and HSE, warehousing and supply chain.

Our people pass through extensive
training and development programs
that prepares every engineer, chemist
or technician to be an expert in his
specialisation, and with broad knowledge
of other functions and roles.

Vertically integrated with its sister
companies, ASEC is privileged with a
unique access to talents of other related
specialisation such as quarrying and
mining, automation, environmental
measurements, civil and erection.

2000 Experts & Professionals

Attracting the brightest minds

We constantly infuse our team with new talents, selected from the brightest college graduates of various specialisations. The candidates are enrolled in a life-learning experience as they proceed with our rigorous induction program, through which they receive intensive training, technical and non-technical, coached and mentored by  prominent industry figures. From this pool, new ideas are born and exceptional intellects are discovered.

Enriching expertise via broader exposure

Our extensive presence in cement and grinding projects across Africa and the Middle East has enabled a wider exposure for our professionals, familiarising them with technical issues specifically related to certain equipment or manufacturers.

We adopt experience-progression programs for each job profile, to gradually enrich expertise through regular exposure to various projects, new teams and new operational challenges.

This technique has proven to be successful in bolstering the readiness of our teams to resolve unconventional operational issues within complex conditions, even under scarcity of resources.

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Our Company Evolution

Marks Milestones in Growth of Domestic Cement Production

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A World of Cement Support


ASEC has always been a client focused company, driven by both the current and potential needs of cement and building materials investors. As operational challenges mount, we regard them merely as new opportunities for re-thinking our offerings and as further potential for leveraging our expertise to address such challenges proactively.

Explore a world of cement support and discover new means for reinforcing your competitiveness.