Operational Efficiency

Maximizing your returns

In a market characterised with product oversupply and significant cost of  operation, operational efficiency plays a pivotal role in sustaining profitable margins.

Our operation and maintenance support safeguards your investment from costly operational interruptions, excessive fuel consumption in addition to enhancing site readiness for dealing with design or erection faults.

Flexible operation & maintenance packages

Our Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support comprises various packages starting from short-term task-based support all the way up to outsourcing the plant O&M.

Based on the client requirements and our technical assessment of the plant condition, we recommend the suitable package and the client is able to dedicate more attention to commercial planning and sales.

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Outsourcing O&M "plant technical management"

Opting for full plant technical management will realise three direct gains:

1 -   Taking on the responsibility of the plant technical performance.
2 -   Guaranteed performance levels linked to the cost of operation.
3 -   Enhanced equipment reliability and longer lifetime of the plant.

Indirect benefits entail the continued investment we perform in your plant by hiring best calibers and applying O&M best practice.

Our services under plant technical management comprises:

-   Planning and carrying on the operational functions: production, maintenance,

    preventive maintenance, inspection and quality control.

-   Introducing and applying management systems for all operational areas in

    addition to inventory, warehousing and spare parts.

-   Improving HSE practices and compliance with international standards.

-   HR management for the O&M team including hiring, training and replacement.

320 Million Ton

of Clinker in 32 years

Plant technical assistance

Plant technical assistance is another successful scheme of our O&M packages, which secures nearly the same level of technical support yet assuming a wider responsibility by the client particularly for supply chain, inventory management and HSE.

Technical assistance is a perfect choice for plants or grinding stations' owners who require technical support at supervisory levels in order to lead less experienced teams on site. Plant technical assistance may include:

-   On-site support for the client's teams to carry out O&M functions.

-   Gradual knowledge transfer to domestic teams through on-the job


-   Introducing and integrating operation, maintenance, preventive

    maintenance, warehousing, inventory and quality control systems.

-   Introduce safety policies and standards.

-   Supporting procurement planning through defining specifications and

    equipment international standards.

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Our X-Ray team is highly qualified in maintaining, repairing, calibrating and operating laboratory equipment such as X-ray spectrometers and optical emission spectrometers used for chemical analysis of materials used in cement and other industrial applications.


-   Kiln sections replacement
-   Complete overhaul for kiln accessories and bearings' components,

    such as changing nose ring plates, tires, white metal and bronze

    including bearing scraping, riding rings and girth gear systems.
-   Replacement of inner pipes; duct work, sheet metal work, cyclone

    roof including castable and refractory work.

-   Complete overhauling of tube mills including diaphragms, lining

    bearing, girth gear replacement and maintenance.

-   Lining of ducts, cyclones, separators & crushers.

-   Overhauling for different types of coolers

-   Maintenance of hydraulics systems and its accessories
-   Change rotors and all parts of L.S. & clay crushers
-   Complete overhauling and maintenance of L.S reclaimers of different

-   Changing and welding (cold and hot vulcanising) for all types of belt


-   Bricks and castable work for preheater

Prestigious Operation & Maintenance