People Development


ASEC Academy

The gateway to mastery of cement technology

ASEC Academy had contributed to the career success of more than 16k beneficiaries over 3 decades, crafting its name as the leading regional institute of cement manufacturing training. Round the year, the Academy provides standard courses covering all cement critical training. Moreover, it offers tailored programs based on needs' assessment.

Industry veterans and practitioners

A well-designed training course renders the outlined learning targets. However, immense value can be brought in via the trainer's professional knowledge and practical experience.


With this in mind, we offer an outstanding value for our beneficiaries via our instructors from industry veterans, practitioners and academic figures.

Simulator training

We understand that operators take decisions of great impact on your investments round the clock.


As such, we offer training by simulation along with indicative  assessments for:
-   Kiln operators
-   Cement and coal mills' operators

On-the-job training

The Academy props practical learning on-the-job training, supported with the best in-class professionals of all specialisations. And with an access to projects by various equipment manufacturers, our programs bid a rich learning experience of no match.


Smooth and effective tuition is further guaranteed via an organisational culture fostering knowledge-sharing.

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Manpower Optimisation

& Technical Training

Tailored training programs

One size does not fit for all.

Project condition, domestic labour experience and technological developments impact the training needs.


Based on a comprehensive assessment of these training needs, we provide tailored programs to cater for the specific requirements of every client.

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ASEC Cement Manufacturing Course (ACMC)

An impressive 5-week learning experience essential for engineers, chemists and geologists offering a comprehensive view of all stages of cement  manufacturing process to the latest technological advancements.

The program blends scientific theory with best practice, to provide workable methodologies. Participants are encouraged to delve into ASEC's signature program which represents the right start for their career in the cement industry.

Manpower planning and organisational optimisation

-   Plan or restructure the organisation based on plant technical

-   Eliminate overlaps and establish accountability.
-   Build job profiles and critical skills
-   Performance management system

-   Structure job grading and salary structure
-   Define scope of responsibility per department and overall workflow.

Staffing and technical

assessment centre

Plant owners' do not necessarily possess the necessary experience to perform efficient project staffing. Exploiting its experience in attracting the right candidates and their evaluation across all its projects, ASEC has developed clear process, procedures and assessment tools to accomplish project staffing in record time and effectiveness. Our assessment centre renders assessments for evaluating freshmen, experienced. technicians, engineers and chemists.